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Today went so fast. I can’t believe it is already past 7:30. Here is another picture that I took on Sunday while Kyra was napping. I think it is actually pretty although the power lines are not that attractive to really look at. They are distracting from the field.

Well, I got contact lenses today. They look nice on me. We bought a year worth, so we are all set.

I have to write up my first student on my school bus which has me sort of feeling bad as it isn’t on my terms. The principal is requesting it. I feels strange even that this can happen. I mean why can’t he discipline the kid without my write up if he thinks the boy is so wrong.

I don’t think mooning some amish kids is right, but I think a simple talk is enough.

I hope the principal agrees as I don’t want this boy kicked off the bus. He is a good kid and I believe he will actually listen if you talk to him. (I talked to my whole bus this morning about mooning. I think everyone got the idea not to do it from a school bus.) I like to save my write ups for situations where I feel out of control or the safety of the bus is lessened and this isn’t one of those. The kid was joking around and pretty innocently at that, so some amish kid was embarrassed. Who cares??

Well, after I got home from driving. I walked with Cathy and with Kyra on my back for 2 miles. It seems so tiring. I am so out of shape. I am glad the weather is getting better we are both going to keep at this walking everyday.

Now I am going to bed. Ready to start over tomorrow. Night…. Posted by Picasa