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20070818_01802p Today was what appears to be a rather dull day, sort of like yesterday only with Kyra instead of alone.  The sweet Kyra I have always known seems to have returned at least for today.  We only went to the park today, which Kyra really enjoyed as usual.  Stan was feeling good, so good in fact that he was pushing Kyra on the swing.

20070818_02202p We were outside a lot too.  We were playing with dolls on the front porch, pretending to be taking a nap with them all lined up.  I am trying to get Kyra to know her ABC’s, but she is stuck at C.  She knows DEF though, she just never says C.

Steven was up visiting for a little bit.  I think we bored him into leaving though.  Isn’t that sad??  LOL..