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 The worst behaving kid on my bus was kicked off for the rest of the year and he is a 5th grader, so he won’t ever ride my bus again unless he moves into my high school route territory, which I won’t think about until it happens.  Woo Hoo..  I now have 4 additional kids  off, with them all returning next Thursday.

Here is a picture of me today.  See my glasses on Kyra’s head.  Aren’t we cute?  LOL…

I got to talk to Nia (my top commenter) today on the phone.  She is an interesting person to visit with.  She sounds exactly like you would imagine her too or at least I imagine her too.  She has about the most feminine voice ever.  She makes me laugh even more so in person, so that is good and healthy for a person.

I took my Chitika display off of in between my posts here.  I put the mall tag cloud in my side bar though.  I have only had 3 clicks on them since I have had it, so am a little disappointed with that.  I was hoping to get some more interest in it.  I need to do something though to build it up, I guess.

This is my last night of solo family living, so I am trying to enjoy it.  My father-in-law Stan is moving in tomorrow.  I will still have solitude down at my computer though as he probably won’t be able to make it well down the basement stairs.

I have more to post, but will later.  Bye for now…