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I stayed home all day long without going anywhere.  We watched a lot of Barney though which I should get away from some.  I should only have to put up with so much of that dinosaur.  Anyways, Kyra didn’t take a nap, so she is in bed already. 

I didn’t take any pictures today. We weren’t outside very much either.  It was rather hot out today, so being inside was nicer. 

I talked to Stan a lot, we talked about his widowed wife and things they used to do.  She had some things that I think to be strange that she did…well Stan thought they were strange too.  It is sort of funny to know what other people do in there privacy.  I guess that is why reality shows really are good, huh??

I cooked some chicken things that Stan got a few weeks ago.  I am so surprised that it actually turned out looking pretty good and Stan said it was good.  I won’t eat it though still as I can’t stomach the looks of raw chicken.  Blah.  I can’t cook chicken and eat it.  That is one of my strange things.  Other people have to do the cooking and no bones.

Kyra is really getting to climbing even better than I thought she was climbing good before.  She can now reach almost anything she wants and if she can’t reach it she can find something to climb up to get it.  She has been on the bathroom sink about a dozen times today and in the stuff in the medicine cabinet.  She is soon going to be able to get the toothpaste which I have on the top shelf.  It is amazing how she is growing so smart besides big.

Anyways, that was my day.  I am going to go clean out my reader and that is about it.  It has been a good day.