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Today was an interesting day. I am going to be starting writing for for some extra money, so I will re-write news stories that I find interesting. It will be pretty straight forward writing, no frills. This will put a whole new spin on reading the local news for me though, so go check out my stories there if you have some spare time. They have over 150 writers though, so mine will get buried in the other posts very quickly when I write.

I also worked out my issues with Garry of BTI of which I was writing for. That was an interesting phone call. He sounded more innocent on the phone than I expected him too. It is funny because I have been working with him since January. I thought I could imagine what he sounded like with a deep sort of rough voice. Nope, not at all. He has a soft almost petite voice. He is giving me the access to the accounts I want, so I am happy as can be. I was prior really getting angry, so I am glad that feelings are gone.

I also signed up for a Chikita Mini eMall for some advertising on this site. I hope they approve me as I do think they would be a fairly good fit with this site.

That is all of my news.

I also wanted to say how happy I am that this site was upped to a PR3 again with this last update. This is a good thing for most things.

I also wanted to say I broke onto the Technorati top 100,000 yeah…I know that is a big number. I am like 70,000 though which to me is a large improvement which I am liking.

So things are looking good for me and this site. Enjoy…