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Today was interesting, I guess.  I had busy work to do almost all day.  I started at Sears.  I had a doctors appointment with Stan next.  It took over an hour.  Which resulted in them wanting blood work, which took about an hour.  I only had a little over an hour left for Circuit City, so I did all the none display jobs.  I felt rushed though which I really probably wasn’t.

We went to Taco Bell got lunch drive thru.  I had time still amazingly.  I decided to stop and talk to the college admissions.  I really want to take some classes, so I figured I would get the ball rolling.  I did pretty good, I have all my transcript requests officially sent.  I have to do the online application still.  He said I should have no issues with getting accepted and all that…  I didn’t figure I would.  I have great grades being transferred in.  I talked about financial aide and I should be able to do pretty good with that as well.  I can probably start classes in January.

I did my afternoon routes. 

I came home rushed out the door.  A friend of mine had been wanting me to take pictures of her son, to see if I could do better than the very expensive photo guy in town.  I said what the heck and off we went. 

20071105_00304p This was what I think is my best shot.  We started too late though, we have to make him late for school and take photos in the morning.  My camera sucks in low light.  I want a new one now…low light will be on the list of things to improve from this camera on.  I am going to go with a full on SLR this time though, so should be a whole new set of rules to deal with on that.

I left from there and did my Target job and Office Max.  I met Adam with Kyra at Office Max, she was sleeping.  She is still sleeping. 

The whole day sort of raced on by so fast.  I am tired and have a bit of a stomach ache.  I think I ate too much.  I am going to bed early.  Good Night…

Remember to enter your guess on my paycheck.  I think I get paid tomorrow….so it won’t be suspenseful there much longer.