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It worked, halaluyah, it worked. This is totally great. I can now post easily without fear of loosing my typing.

Here is Kyra this morning playing with the toys in the bathroom hall. This is one of her favorite places.

She has another tooth break through today, so now she has her 4 front teeth.

We are going to go to the mall today to walk. I am so proud we stayed home all day yesterday. It went pretty smoothly too, so that is a surprise. When Kyra wakes up we will go. It is another cold day outside today, but no rain like for the last couple of days.

Everything in my life is just sort of great right now. That is really a strange thing for me. I usually have some sort of drama, but none can be found right now.

I have been slowed down with my camera and now I will get back in the photo taking mode. I am going to have an electrician come fix my wiring, so that I can use my portrait studio lights that I bought in my basement. I am going to be taking the photos for a friends wedding in June, so that will be fun.

Well, I will probably post again later today. This is so easy now. He He….hope this one goes through. Have a great day.