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As you can tell from reading here.  I have been going to the barn frequently.  I was out there less than 2 hours ago.  Misty looked like she was pushing right, but nothing.  Well…surprise.  She is a quick labor.  Here are her twins… yeah twins.  Surprise me….

She is even done with afterbirth and everything.  Asheley isn’t yet….

Anyways, these don’t have names yet.  There is a boy and a girl.  This standing one by the gate is the girl. 

This one standing by Misty is the boy.

Woo Hoo…I really got a girl.  I triple checked.  LOL….

 This has been quite the day in my barn.  I would have never guessed that they be born on the same day.  Amazing…

This little girl one is really cute too.  She has brown all the way down on one side there with that brown face.  Awww…..

See ya.