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Wednesday was 1/2 day of school which to me sounds like a nightmare for the most part.  It always messes up Kyra and is basically driving nonstop all morning long.  Yeah, I do get 2 hours stopped, but it seems like nothing compared with 6.  Wednesday was no exception basically.

To add to the drama of that… I had a job in town to do, so basically I drove to town and back in those 2 hours of not driving my bus. 

I was done though at 2 and everything sort of stopped at that point.  Kyra fell asleep as I backed the bus in the driveway.  Yeah, 2 is her normal nap time, so I think I about had a heart attack as that has never happened before.  She slept until past 4 which was pretty good.  I got a whole lot of my news articles sorted out and posted a few even.  I have more ready to go, but not yet done.

I got in shower and all that.  It was actually very calm and boring mostly.  I am figuring out my fiances which is sort of crazy now.  I am not as bad though as I could be.  I’ll have my house payment made this month.  LOL…

Stephen came up and we watched CSI, but that was late.  We both have off until Wednesday, well…he has off Wednesday too.  He took all his vacation time for hunting season, he is looking forward to that.

Anyways, that was Wednesday.  It was ultimately one of the better 1/2 school days as far as they go.  I still don’t like 1/2 days of school though.