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Well, it has been a busy few days. I have been working on this new improved site since Sunday. It finally looks pretty good. I still have to ad my advertising links, but they will get there. Some of my pictures didn’t transfer over well, so I will periodically fix those. I am just sick of doing it for now, so if you see a blank spot. It probably is just a picture that doesn’t exist at the minute. I still have my stuff on my old server until December, so I have a little time.

Now, my new server saved me $10 a month, which is great. Woo Hoo…

Well, Sunday was Brandi’s baby shower. She is due December 5th, so here is a picture from there. This of course is the one you want to see. I have ones without her shirt up, but it is the belly that makes the day, so this one is most appropriate. She looks really good though, better than I looked at that point.

Here is another picture of Kyra in her costume. This one is better sort of angle. You can tell she is a frog more. Here face paint washed off some. I think I am going to dress her one more time though this week and take some good pictures in perfect sunlight. It was dark by the time we got to giving out candy and that day went so so fast.

John Long died this week. He is/was the president of my rock club, so I had to go to that viewing it was on Thursday night. We saw him on Saturday though at the rock swap. He was talking and playing with Kyra for longer than he usually did. It is unbelievable that he died the very next day. He either had a heart attack or a stroke. They aren’t getting the test to tell, but he died resting in his bed. He said he didn’t feel good and well that was the end for him.

Kyra stayed for the very first time with officially paid babysitter while I went to the viewing. She stayed with Tory and Ashanica who ride my bus and there parents. Here is there picture from Halloween, they came to where we were giving out candy. Tory is Cindy Loper from the 80’s and Ashanica is a 50’s disco dancer. (I think it was 50’s, LOL.

Well, that is all for now. I feel refreshed that my page is all back up. Now we are going dishwasher shopping. Bye…