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Well, I didn’t get to do a very good post yesterday.  I actually did go to bed and didn’t mess around after saying that like I usually do.  I marched up the stairs and hit the bed even before I saw the posting.

I had a very busy day starting with finishing my morning routes, going on the transportation offices, viewing my video from my Thursday afternoon route.  I had 2 fights on my bus, one of I had no idea.  I ultimately wrote up 7 students.  I after this took the write up across town back to the two different schools. 

All this running took me an extra 2 hours, but I have half of the results back and I will say next week should start off overly peaceful on my bus as all the students from the one school have at least 3 days off the bus.  I didn’t get the papers from the other school, so I don’t know what they got.

I than came home and called all these people from different government agencies to find out all about what I have to do to get my father-in-law’s paperwork settled.  The lady from the department of the aging was the most helpful.  I now have a list of all the things to do.   I am going to still keep the aide coming that he has up there, and that all got transferred to down here, so he won’t even see a gap in service.  They will do his laundry, change his sheets, clip his toenails, stuff like that for him even living here.  Which is really great.

I did my afternoon routes, it was the quietest it has been in months.

  I went to Waynesboro Walmart for my last time as this store is no longer assigned to me.  (I requested to get it taken away.  It is well over hour drive and not really worth it.)  So, I set up the computer display best that I could putting the new dummy units that were sent to me in there little holders. 

I said bye’s to the manager.  She is probably the nicest manager that I have worked with so I hope the Carlisle store is 1/2 as nice as now I am assigned to that store instead.  It is sort of funny that I requested to be off this store and the person that does the Carlisle one requested to be off that one, so we essentially just traded.

Kyra and Adam went with because it was the last time and we otherwise have no reason to ever go down.  So Adam likes eating at this one restaurant.  While I was doing my job, Adam bought some things and than we meet in the toy department. (I have to take pictures as part of my job, so camera is with.) This first picture is me walking into the toys section.  Kyra has two dolls and is sitting in this chair that sings and vibrates.  Than she wanted to show me the chairs, so I looked for a bit and then we persuaded her to put the babies back and left.  All and all, it was pretty good.

I came home did that sorry post and went to bed.  I was exhausted.  I did sleep all night amazing.