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Here she is. She has her binky and boy does she have fun. She sucks on the handle though more than the correct part. It is funny. She likes to relax in this pillow with her bink.

Today was a crazy busy, but good day.

I started off with this crazy sinus thing going on. It seemed to clear out while I was in the shower though and hasn’t really returned. I think it may while I try to sleep though.

I got up though and went to Carlisle and did all my little jobs. I had a mystery shop, my regular Wal-mart job and changing the batteries in the display at Kohl’s. So busy…. I left at 10 and got back at 1:30. Adam had Kyra at home.

He was singing her Hymns when I got home. It is pretty cute how he has her.

I than took her and we rode on a school bus so that I would know the run for tomorrow. I have done it before, but not in at least 5 months. It is a hard run, so tomorrow we will be having a tough time probably. I wish I knew that side of town better, but I guess this is how you learn.

I than got home and fixed macaroni and cheese from scratch. It is actually good….amazingly. Adam fixed cheeseburger to go with it. I was eating my cheeseburger and a filling rotated in my tooth, so I flossed I think I got it arranged in there now. It is still loose though. I am going to go drop in on the dentist tomorrow though, so hopefully he can fix me up. Teeth are so nice when they don’t hurt. They are the worst things to have pain in though.

We went to church yesterday with a friend of mine. Adam thinks we should find a church to go to, I sometimes agree. I am so uncomfortable in church though and yesterday was a prime example of my uncomfortablity. We are guest and of course it seems that when you are a guest in a church people rotate to you, like you are a broken sinner and just by shaking there hand you become some sort different person.

I feel like I am being attacked. I know that isn’t there intentions, but it is just the way I feel and it is totally in me. I love it when the preacher points out all the regular people and guests and while he does it you can feel the tingle peircing your skin from his eyes. At this church I think everyone greeted everyone. During there little greeting ceremony that it seems every church has….. nobody stayed where they were sitting they all like floated all over the room shaking hands and spreading every disease in the room amongst the whole room making sure not to miss a hand.

Don’t get me wrong I think it is great to have friends and to greet people. It just seems so strange to have this forced type greeting in the middle of a speaking event. Why not do it at the end when you can greet people as you are leaving or please stay a minute and get to know a new person. Maybe where you could actually learn something about the new person and not just there name that you will forget in like 3.2 seconds afterwards. I don’t know I guess not being around church ceremonies my whole life makes me think of these normal things that people do as strange.

I would like to get to know people. I just am so uncomfortable in that setting that I don’t think I know anyone when I leave. I just feel like this huge sense of relief come over me that it is over. I don’t think that is what you are supposed to feel.

Oh and Kyra is always good. Always….she was fussy during church. I took her down to the nursery. I can’t leave her there (do you think she will get less fussy in strangers arms, my spoiled girl???), so I stayed down there a bit. She got a little better. So I came back up, she got fussy again, so Adam took her down.

He didn’t even hear the semon. I felt guilty for not being down there with those other babies and stuff, but I can’t handle it. I just thank goodness everyday that I have Kyra and she is so very good for me.

The other kids where generally okay, but just a little crazy I guess. Little kids don’t really have the knowledge to think of other little kids feelings. I understand and I am glad my kids on my bus are older and understand rules for the most part and feelings. I love my job. I would so hate it if my bus was filled with 1,2, or 3 year olds. Woo EEE….nightmare.

Okay, well now you know and I should go to bed.

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