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Here is a link that all drivers can learn from.  All of us have the kids that are just ultra sensitive on our busses.  This child seems like one of this type.  I have had kids crying when I wasn’t even talking to them before.  I never threaten walking home from school though and nobody should.  This though is a possible result of such talk.

I use the threat of being written up, which isn’t really a threat at all in my case.  It is a warning and it usually happens after the warning.  The school than is the only one that can in my case give a punishment besides a different seat on the bus itself.

I have had kids get off at wrong stops without me seeing until they were off.  I have kids that think doing this is funny and try to get off a stop early.  This is an instant write up, but if parents got mad and wanted me fired.  That would be a terrible conclusion.

So, I think the school did the right thing with more training in this case.  The driver didn’t mean to scare the girl and sounds like she is aware of what is going on in her bus and that is a good thing.