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Here she is eating away. She has become a pretty good eater.

She today did the craziest thing though, with her toy key. She shoved it in her throat and all this food came back up as you would suspect it would. I don’t think she will do that again. I have never heard other people tell me that there babies did this ever. I thought the toy keys were harmless for her. So we fed her again.

She is taking her nap now. She looks so peaceful while she naps. She wakes up if I take pictures, so I don’t usually. Unless it is to the point she has slept to long which for us is over 3 hours. She doesn’t do that much, but when she does she doesn’t sleep at night, so I get her up.

Adam has been watching cartoons everyday with her. He is so funny because he likes them. He finally decided that Spongebob is not gay. He isn’t straight either. He is just a sponge and sponges don’t reproduce, so that would make him unsexual. Cartoons are so creative Adam says that people that make them must smoke some good stuff. He says that now that he is older he can appreciate the creativity in them. That makes me laugh, so I have a 32 year old here that truly enjoys cartoons.

Our cat (Diamond) is so good. Kyra got her into the corner this morning in her ever present desire to chase the cat. The cat is her favorite toy. Well, Diamond just jumped right on Kyra’s back and out of the corner. It was hillarious. I was watching so closely while this was happening to make sure the cat wouldn’t scratch her. Kyra don’t yet know exactly how letting go works. She has the grab down, but not the let go. We are working on her being gentle, but she don’t have that either. I think the cat understands though and has this amazing gentleness around the baby. Diamond just sort of edges her on too, it is a great learning experience for Kyra.

I am roasting vegtables for supper. I put two onions in it. I think I have lost my mind. I would have never done even one onion last year. Maybe it is true that your tastebuds change as you get older….. I really like eating semi correctly. I still don’t get my meat and goodness knows I get more than my share of sugary stuff, but I am doing good with fruits and veggies. I am a milk aholic, so that was never an issue.

Well, it is only 3:30, so I better get doing something else. I may or may not be back later. Have a good day. Posted by Picasa