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20070718_01106p Ok, so the diet lasted through lunch.  I am laughing hysterically all day.

It basically took us boiling Kale mostly, but a whole big pot of straight up health food.  Put it in the blender and puree it.  That was supposed to be his “free soup”.  Yeah, basically the staple of this 21 day diet.

He had spaghetti for supper again.  He says he has a whole new appreciation for it from this experience.  So, I guess the diet was a success after all because it was supposed to make you understand food better.

My day was pretty run of the mill.  We did almost nothing.  LOL…  We went for a walk, blowed bubbles, hid from the sun mostly, watched TiVo CSI and Law and Order, the basic boring stuff.

The diet though kept me smiling.  Everytime a sort of dull moment came, I thought about the look on Adam’s face as he downed that “stuff”.  It was all I needed to bring a smile to my face.  I think Stan’s too.