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Just Simply Jennifer

Welcome. This site serves 2 very opposite purposes. It is the eyes of my business nowadays, but originally it was my personal blog. It has over 1500 posts about my life back in 2005-2007, when my oldest daughter was young. I don’t want to lose all those posts, so I leave it here.

I’m simple. I’m honest. I’m fair. I’m more forward than you are probably used to.



I’ve been building websites since 1997. I’ve always been naturally good with computers, but now I read and read SEO information when you add that with my natural abilities. You get some great results.


Site Management

You probably don’t have time for your website. At least if you are doing your business right. Well, that is where I fit in. I do websites. I’ll monitor your site and make sure everything is as it’s supposed to be.


Keyword Research

Researching for website potential is something beyond just SEO. I’ll analyze your site, your competition, and give you some realistic goals based on human research (not some computer-generated).


Content / Copywriting

I hire out a lot of writing, but I know good writing when I see it. I can ensure your site has the writing that you need to portray the feelings that you desire.

Drop Me a Line

I would love to hear from you to help and to help get your business on tract to meet your marketing goals.